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Is your data storage safe?


The safety of data storage becomes more important because of digitalization by the society. Companies are more dependent of data which is stored outside the own location. It does not matter if data has been stored in the “cloud” or in a datacenter from which you know of its location. Data traffic interruptions could even create very serious problems for your business and lead to bankruptcy.
Every Company that depends of data traffic via data Centre’s must be able to rely on the fact that the physical storage is optimal organized. In practice it is however much different.


Yes? . . . That is also what they thought:



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What can Data Risks mean for you?


Data Risks is an organization that investigates risk-inventarizations for data Centre as for data Centre users/ customers.
If improvement points structurally are being added in the company policy after risks investigation the FNAO qualification mark will be handed over.
This qualification gives you as a customer from your data centre the guarantee that you have applied the needs too for safety from your data and about the physical infrastructure can be ensured.



Data Risks is an independent IT consultancy organization specialized in safe data storage and physical security.





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